Daily Show & Colbert Report Full Episode Player

Our Daily Show and Colbert Report sites have a special new feature -- full episodes!

When you arrive at each show's respective full episode landing page, the most recent episode will start playing. There are two buttons on the right: Episode Info enables a synopsis of the episode you are watching to pop up while the Share button enables the user to send the episode URL along with a message to one or more friends. The user can rate the episode with the "thumbs" system after logging in.

When you scroll over the bottom of the screen, a pop-up bar will appear featuring a Pause button, a Volume lever and a Full-Screen Mode option. The Menu contains the Episode Info and Share features found on the right of the screen, but you'll also find a Settings feature. This was created in order to optimize your machine for episode play according to the speed of your Internet connection. You can set it yourself, or you can use the Auto-Detect option.

The tabs below the screen enable you to browse by week -- the last four weeks of episodes will appear. The images contain date and guest info, but you can scroll over these images to receive additional show information.

A lot of the reaction has been very positive so far and we thank everyone for the nice comments. Let us know what YOU think!


profdsutter said...

So, while I'm in Canada I cannot see episodes online? How do I keep up? Plus, I am new to the influx community and found a bumper sticker you guys have got to see! How does an '08 ticket of Cheney/Voldemort sound to you? Email me and let me know where I can send the picture we took of it - had a pentagram with a goat's head in it and everything. What a pair to vote for!

gumi said...

The idea of bringing full episodes is great, since the previously available snippets were usually missing a couple seconds from the end, ruining the punchline.

However, the WMODE trickery practised on the page crashes my Flash entirely. Would it be possible to not fool around with the wmodes, and just present the player like everyone else does?

Try it with Linux to see what I mean.

Pedro said...


I don't know if it's me but the video player is incredibly unstable. It freezes all the time and I don't mean speed related freezes. It even crashes my browser, both of them actually, Firefox and IE. What's up with that? It even happens when I try to embed the player. It works sometimes but most of time it crashes. Is an update due?

a000 said...

The full episodes won't play in the browsers I currently use, Firefox, Opera and IE (all latest versions as of 7/31/08). All I see is a blank black square, and rolling the cursor over it anywhere does zip. I've allowed popups for www.thedailyshow.com and have installed the latest updates for Flash and Shockwave, not sure what else to try. Any suggestions?

NixChickNo.1 said...

Don't know how to send stuff to the show - so I'm attaching a link to this comment. I'd be surprised if this news story made the national news - but it seems pretty relevant. As you guys say, you can't make this stuff up!http://www.tallahassee.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080802/CAPITOLNEWS/808020312

Ms Claus said...

This is not a comment on the blog so much as a tip. In this month's issue of the "Smithsonian Magazine," page 87, is a small advertisement that reads "Visit Friendly Iran."!!!!(no joke!) Now, all kinds of jokes spring to mind - Bush saying 'I knew I invaded the wrong country - I wanted the friendly one' or 'That's where I want to spend my vacation' or "We need a ready supply of hostages - I know, we'll advertise!'

JanetRN said...

If Mc Cain wins the presidency and due to his frail health, dies... The VP will become the president. Then IF we operated under "the Republic for which we stand" the Speaker of The House becomes vice president. How interesting would that be?

Janet Mattox

Mason said...

This comment isn't for the blog but for the for the missing message board.
Today, I received an official email from Overstock.com. In a small ad. for the book Obama Nation, the title under the picture of the book is mispelled as "Osama Nation".
It probably isn't a big deal, but it is fun to think of the number of that people have this email.

Johnaton Petersen said...

The full episodes are brilliant. I love the simplisty of the controls too. I do find that every so often I can't run the player but I think that would be because of the number of requests going on at the time. Refresh after a minute or so and it works fine.

IE7, Firefox 3 all work fine for me. I don't mind the ads being there as long as the access is still free.

Gil.Batzri said...


Why am I unable to enter a date into the search box and have it pull up that day's episode?

It seems like that functionality should be doable. Any ideas?

Thanks, keep up the good work.
Gil Batzri

Mario GarcĂ­a said...

The other day you talked about the controversy in the Olympics with the Spanish basketball team posing as Chinese. Well, this is the answer of a Spanish cartoonist on the Spanish newspaper Publico:


Maybe you wanna show it.

Rachel said...

I've been enjoying the full episodes online this summer -- until yesterday. Yesterday and today, the full episodes, and almost all the clips presented on the web site, won't display; I get just a blank square. This happens in both Firefox and IE, on two different machines.

The exceptions: the ads on the home page (not the ads in the full episodes) will play, as will the show clips on the "red baiting" page.

a000 said...

Per Rachel's 8/19 post, I too now get just a black box for all clips (not just the full episodes as before) just as she does. Don't have this problem on any other site I visit, just ComedyCentral. Wish the CC dev team could post a troubleshooting guide. I know system environments are complex, but if you test your stuff you must see similar behavior under certain variables.

Comedy Central Digital Media said...

Hi folks -- We're looking into the reported issues with the full episode player. Thus far, we haven't had this issue arise on any of our testing machines, but clearly a few people are having very similar problems. Thanks for taking time to let us know.

Adam said...

I too am having the same problem as others have reported. Today is the first day I've attempted to watch the show using the online episode player, so I was glad to see that this is a bug others have encountered, but bummed to have the problem nonetheless.

rdv said...

I'll echo the comment that the your Flash videos don't work with Firefox on Linux. Can we get a fix somehow?

chris said...

I'm having problems as well. I can't play any videos on the site recently, regardless of browser (Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera). This started happening about a week ago. All I see is a black square. Occasionally in firefox it will tell me to install flash 9. At the time, I had version 10 beta, so I uninstalled that, installed 9; no dice.

Off topic, but in general, I've had issues with comedy central sites employing flash player in the past; I've never been able to get the motherload thing to work. Same with southparkstudios.com, I tried everything to get it to work, including a rain dance. Maybe I wasn't dancing hard enough? :p

I appreciate the Dev teams hard work, hopefully we can see Stewart bringing the heat soon!

Cleareye said...

McCain should scare anyone. This guy likes wild gambles which is fine with your own money but not with mine. Anyone still living in Alaska, Siberia or the North Pole is a freak and must be paid to stay. What's the governor's excuse?